1. I think I found the real-life Bobbie Jo Culp. 

  2. lesleygee:

    these outfits are so badass

  3. I hope they never stop allowing customer-submitted product photos on Amazon. 

  4. Right prior to getting his arm off and winning a seal for marksmanship.

  5. I am glad Joseph Gordon-Levitt had the good sense to write a movie where ScarJo reprises her finest role to date as Lexie, the marble columns girl.

  6. She’s Like A Rainbow

  7. If you ever think anything on this show happens by accident or has fewer than 10 layers of meaning, you are wrong.


  8. thetangential:


    We’re excited to announce that our Future Cities book release party will be sponsored by Tumblr. Where would we be without Tumblr? That’s too scary to think about. It’ll also be sponsored by our publisher, Hillcrest Media.

    Please join us at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis on February…

  10. Minka Kelly’s high school yearbook photo is my new favorite discovery.